FBI InfraGuard Websites Defaced

Anonymous hackers promised that each Friday they’ll target a website connected to the FBI, as part of their operation against the Bureau, and this week is no different. The official Dayton Ohio Chapter site of InfraGuard, an organization that serves as a partnership between the FBI and the private sector was hacked and defaced.

“FFF [LAST HACK] FBI-INFRAGARD ROOTED AGAIN. ONE MORE TIME. FOR THE LULZ,” read the Twitter message that announced the success of Anonymous.

Currently, the website has been taken offline and users who want to visit infragard.dayton.oh.us are automatically redirected to another webpage, most likely while the site’s administrators try to address the issues that allowed the hackers to gain access.

“Today we targeted the Dayton Ohio chapter of InfraGard, the sinister alliance between law enforcement, corporations, and white hat wannabees,” the hackers wrote on the defaced page.

Anonymous not only defaced the site, but they also deleted all the files found on the webserver allegedly to prove that it takes more than a plan to stop hackers from doing what they do.

“We broke into their webserver, perused their assorted presentation materials, and finally deleted everything and vandalized their website so we can boost our zone-h rankings,” the hackers said.

“You think your ‘advanced commercial malware’ research and your ‘digital forensics first response’ powerpoints can really withstand the hurricane of hellfire and 0days we got planned for yall?!”

The hackers’ operation against the FBI is not new, but it went into full effect a few weeks ago when Anonymous managed to obtain a conference call recording in which the FBI discussed hacking related issues with UK Metropolitan Police representatives.

Next was the site of the CIA which was taken down multiple times last Friday.

Recently, Anonymous representatives said that this operation will continue, each Friday bringing another, more important site.

via Softpedia

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