Mageia 2 Beta 3 di Rilis!

Tante Anne Nicholas, selaku project leader Mageia secara resmi baru saja meluncurkan versi Beta 3 dari Mageia 2 tanggal 18 kemarin. Versi beta 3 ini selanjutnya akan diikuti dengan rilis versi RC dan Final yang direncanakan dirilis pada tanggal 15 Mei 2012.

Berikut pengumuman dari Tim Mageia:

For some days the suspense was at its height. We are now happy to deliver this beta 3  release which is the very last beta version for Mageia2. Lots of work has been done on release blocking bugs, final design is nearly all integrated and we now wait for all your feedback.

Beta 3 comes with all the planned media: DVDs, dual CD, live CDs. We especially need feedback on live CDs to improve them for RC release.

As usual you can find more information on beta 3 here:

Warning: If you are working on a laptop with both Intel and ATI graphics hardware have a look here, if you are having trouble with Nvidia graphic hardware using live CD, it’s here.
We are working on this issue to solve it before RC.

Time is short before RC, about 2 weeks. Download it, test it, and use Bugzilla.


Mageia team