Mageia 2 Dirilis!

Akhirnya, salah satu distro komunitas teratas ke-6 di Distrowatch, Mageia merilis versi ke 2 nya. Versi terbaru ini membawa sejumlah fitur baru dan pembaruan yang cukup penting.

Berikut beberapa aplikasi versi terbaru yang ada dalam Mageia 2 Desktop Edition:

  • KDE 4.8.2 – KDE 4.8.2 SC, the current release of the popular KDE desktop
  • razorqt 0.4.1 – The latest release of the new lightweight Qt desktop
  • LXDE
  • Sugar
  • GNOME 3.4.1
  • XFCE 4.8.3
  • Digikam and Showfoto 2.6 – The latest release of these leading photograph management systems
  • VLC 2.0.1 – The latest version of the popular do it all media player
  • Flash Player Plugin 11.2 – Up to date and secure version of Adobe’s popular web content player
  • Skype – Easy installer for this common VOIP client
  • Firefox ESR 10 – Long Term Support version of the Firefox Browser
  • Chromium Browser 18 – The latest version of the Open Source upstream project for Google’s Chrome Browser
  • GIMP 2.8 – Featuring the all new single window interface
  • Amarok 2.5 -Popular media player written in Qt



Free Software Installation Flavours

Format Size Direct link BitTorrent
DVD 32bit 3.4GB 32bit 32bit
DVD 64bit 3.4GB 64bit 64bit
CD 700MB dualarch dualarch


  • Up to 167 locales are supported: Deutsch, English, español, français, italiano, português, svenska, nederlands, polski, dansk, Русский and so much more! See the comprehensive liste.
  • These DVD and CD ISOs are made of Free Software exclusively.As a consequence, proprietary Wi-Fi and video drivers are not included.If you need WiFi or specific video drivers at install time, you should go with below LiveCDs instead.You may, if you will, add nonfree software repository after the installation.
  • Please note that there is a problem with notebooks using Intel, AMD/ATI and nVidia graphic cards..See the errata about this


Use LiveCDs for fresh new installs ONLY. DO NOT use those LiveCDs to upgrade from Mageia 1! Use above DVD or CD and see the upgrade guide.

Europe 1 – America 32bittorrent
Included locales:Czech (cs), German (de), Greek (el), English (Australia) (en_AU), English (Canada) (en_CA), English (en_GB), English (Ireland) (en_IE), English (New-Zealand) (en_NZ), English (American) (en_US), English (South Africa) (en_ZA), Spanish (es), French (fr), Italian (it), Dutch (nl), Portuguese (pt), Portuguese Brazil (pt_BR), Slovenian (sl), Turkish (tr)
Europe 2 32bittorrent
Included locales:Bulgarian (bg), Danish (da), English (American) (en_US), Estonian (et), Finnish (Suomi) (fi), Croatian (hr), Hungarian (hu), Lithuanian (lt), Latvian (lv), Norwegian Bokmaal (nb), Norwegian Nynorsk (nn), Polish (pl), Romanian (ro), Russian (ru), Swedish (sv), Ukrainian (uk), Uzbek (uz), Uzbek (cyrillic) (uz@cyrillic)
Africa, India 32bittorrent
Included locales:Afrikaans (af), Amharic (am), Arabic (ar), Assamese (as), Berber (ber), Bengali (bn), English (American) (en_US), Hausa (ha), Hebrew (he), Hindi (hi), Igbo (ig), Kannada (kn), Malayalam (ml), Marathi (mr), Punjabi (gurmukhi) (pa_IN), Tamil (ta), Tswana (tn), Tsonga (ts), Venda (ve), Xhosa (xh), Yoruba (yo), Zulu (zu)
Asia 32bittorrent
Included locales:English (American) (en_US), Indonesian (id), Japanese (ja), Korean (ko), Thai (th), Vietnamese (vi), Chinese Simplified (zh_CN), Chinese Traditional (zh_TW)

Each download is approximately 700MB.

Wired Network-based Installation CD

Download quickly (about 40 MB) and immediately boot into install mode from wired network or a local disk.

Format Direct link
Pure Free Software CD 32bit 64bit
Same + nonfree firmwaree
needed for some disc controllers, some network cards, etc.
32bit 64bit

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