Eugeni Dodonov, Mantan Leader Mandriva Meninggal

Eugeni Dodonov, salah satu kontributor utama project Mandriva/Mageia mengalami kecelakaan tanggal 10 juli lalu. Mantan leader di Mandriva Brazil ini meninggal karena kecelakaan saat bersepeda. Belum jelas apakah ditabrak ataukah jatuh sendiri saat melewati pegunungan bersama temannya.

Berikut posting dari blog Mandriva Brazil:

It is with great sadness that the team Mandriva / Conectiva is a tribute to Eugeni Dodonov, Russian, also proud of being Brazilian and a lover of free software. Our love for this great Linux contributor Communities and various Open Source projects. His role was instrumental in developing the Mandriva Linux distribution (Nov/2008-Jul/2011), acting as leader of the distro and cooperating including the recent success of the projects and ClassmatePC Openclass. The fruits of their labor were being collected and will be forever.

A simple tribute to all who knew this brilliant work and those who had the privilege of living as their friend, always cheerful, willing and cooperative.

Team Mandriva / Conectiva.

Selayaknya, Mandriva 2012 bisa dirilis dengan codename “Eugeni Dodonov” saja.

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