CompatibleOne Project, a Cloud Computing Research Project by Mandriva

The realm of remote, scalable and automated computing, also known as Cloud Computing, is currently progressing at a very fast pace.

CompatibleOne is a research project, under the aegis of the two competitiveness clusters System@tic and SCS, aiming at facilitating the deployment, the configuration and the administration of public, private or hybrid Clouds using open standards and interoperable open-source technologies.

As any other infrastructure technology, Cloud Computing carries a lock-in risk for the customers. The purpose of CompatibleOne is to avoid this pitfall by improving the interoperability of all involved technologies. Far from harming suppliers, this will reassure customers and accelerate the adoption of Cloud Computing within the enterprise.

In order to achieve this goal, CompatibleOne is defining application programming interfaces (APIs) and integrated solutions that will support in particular the instantiation, the configuration, the monitoring and the billing of Cloud resources, while also enabling the implementation of QoS strategies and energy consumption optimization.

In partnership with others participants, both industrial and academical, Mandriva R&D team is working on the creation of innovative services in the following areas:
– Interoperability of virtualization technologies,
– Modeling of infrastructure resources and interoperability of resource management solutions,
– Management of virtual networks.

As a concrete example of the use of the designed technologies, Mandriva Pulse2, a management solution for heterogeneous IT parks, will see its functionalities extended to on-demand virtual infrastructure management in order to support the allocation, configuration and management of virtual machines.

Learn more about the project CompatibleOne:

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