Google Compute Engine is Ready to Release?

Google’s competitor to the highly successful Amazon Web Services, Compute Engine, has been in testing so far, it’s been available to developers, but Google is still adding on features and dropping the price.

The cloud platform is now available to anyone who buys the Gold Support package.

Gold starts at $400, €310 per month, but you get full support and advice from Google’s engineering team to help you build your cloud and maintain it.

And, as long as you buy the support package, you can get started with Cloud Engine straight away, there’s no need to talk to sales people or anything.

Beyond the “entry fee,” you’ll still have to pay for the actual instances. Google lowered the price by 4 percent, this after a heftier drop in November by 20 percent.

Amazon, Google and even Microsoft are locked in a price battle and they all offer pretty similar prices for the same resources.

via Softpedia