Google Rumoured to Acquire WhatsApp

The mobile space has shaken things up quite a bit. While giants like Google or Facebook aren’t doing too bad in the space, considering how big they are, that’s not much of an achievement. At the same time, several mobile first or mobile only services have grown quite big and powerful.

Instagram is one example, Facebook snatched it up for what seemed a huge price, but it was probably well worth it.

Google has mostly relied on its own products on the mobile front, with a few exceptions. But it may be looking to make a big move and acquire the rather popular messaging app WhatsApp.

Digital Trends says it has sources saying the two companies are negotiating an acquisition and that WhatsApp may be worth over $1 billion, €768 million.

It’s no secret that there are plenty of companies interested in WhatsApp, Facebook was one of the at one point. So Google could at least be talking to WhatsApp.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean an acquisition is impending, especially since it’s working on its own messaging app, Babble or Babel, to be unveiled next month.

via Softpedia