New Infrastructure for Mandriva Linux Desktop Legacy is Ready! #OpenMandriva!

Yes. You know what I mean. We know you are wiling to talk, make questions, participate. So OpenMandriva Association has the pleasure to invite you to our Mailing Lists and IRC channels. You can bore us to death with you questions, c’mon. “Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Know what I mean?“*

You can find us @:

irc @ freenode dot org on the following channels

#openmandriva-cooker (where the wild devs are)

Mailing Lists @

OM-Artwork ([email protected])
OM-Com ([email protected])
OM-Cooke ([email protected])
OM-Council ([email protected])
OM-General ([email protected])
Om-membercommittee ([email protected])
OM-Members ([email protected])

Don’t forget all the old Mandriva related channels and mailing lists are no longer supported by OpenMandriva Association. We have our own Infra! now!


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