WordPress.com Adding New Two-way Confirmation

Two-step authentication is slowly becoming the norm, which can only be a good thing. Google was the first big web company to enable two-step authentication for its accounts and since then others have followed.

The latest is WordPress.com which is enabling two-step authentication for the blogs it hosts. Users can now enable this additional security feature to prevent unauthorized access to their blogs and sites.

“We know your blog is important to you, and today we’re proud to announce Two Step Authentication: an optional new feature to help you keep your WordPress.com account secure,” WordPress.com announced.

“For those of you who use Two Step Authentication with your Google account, you’ll know how useful this feature is for keeping your account secure,” it added.


The two-step authentication system WordPress uses relies on the Google Authenticator app, like Dropbox and others do. That’s a good thing, no one wants to have an authenticator app for every service they use.

After you enable two-step authentication on WordPress.com and link up the Authenticator app, you’ll be able to use the code generated by the app to log in. You can use a code sent by SMS as well. If you’ve used two-step authentication before, you should be familiar with all of this.

via Softpedia

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