You are currently viewing Mandriva 2014 Alpha Dirilis!

Mandriva 2014 Alpha Dirilis!

Hello guys and gals!

Freezing? :) We have some warm news for you!

Exactly according to our release plan we offer you today OpenMandriva Lx 2014 Alpha!

Fresh and fun, it is ready for bughunting and reports.

You can download it here:


What is in, what to discover?

Kernel and hardware support

Kernel 3.1.[3-5] with special nrjQL flavour
Added support for SQUASHFS_MULTI_DECOMPRESSOR to allow make use of all CPU while booting from ISO


armv7hl  + RazorQt

Boot process

Systemd 208 with all kind of “safe” updates from upstream
A stable and working out-of-box dracut version close to 035 release
Update initscripts to 9.50 to improve compatibility with systemd

Updated x11-server to 1.15.x and stack stable version
Updated Mesa to 10.x. to provide best graphics experience with free drivers


Support for realmd for easy and out-of-box user authentication in network environment
Support for firewall and resign from using shorewall and drakfirewall

Fresh artwork

We know you are hungry for it! – will come with Beta! (for grub2, plymouth and KDE environment)


Recreated java stack based on Fedora’s as this will improve overall java applications health condition


Brand new KDE 4.12.1
Featured more stock KDE apps rather that others
Special feature interest for plasma-mediacenter


Support for ios7 with latest ifuse and libimobiledevice
libdvdcss available in restricted repository
Support MTP protocol through lastest kio-mtp
Gimp 2.8.10 version


Ship scribus 1.5 version
Updated to LibreOffice 4.2


Updated hplip to 3.13.13
Updated cups to 1.7.1 stable release
Updated s-c-p to bugfixing release.

Drakx tools

Fixed Xfdrake’s recognition function for graphics
Re-fresh drakx stack with many bug fixes


Reliable working UEFI support
Installation of boot manager allowed on root partition

End user orientation

“HOWTO” explaining how submit bugs and provide useable information
Add on KDE desktop activators to OMV site, google services (maps, translate etc.)
To the release notes added a list of major features that are not yet provided (eg for 2013: UEFI, installation of grub2 on root partition, …)


Switch from MySQL to MariaDB
Added Galera support
Better SOGo integration