Download Source Code Ion.RangeSlider 2.0.7

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Denis Ineshin is announcing that Ion.RangeSlider with version number 2.0.7 is already available to download.

What is Ion.RangeSlider ?

Ion.RangeSlider is A drag slider component for jQuery, allowing a simpler method for inputting numeric values, ranges, and various other linear data .

Ion.RangeSlider creates UI sliders that users can take hold of, and then drag to the left or right with his mouse.Ion Range Slider supports double-handle sliders for selecting ranges, multiple sliders on the same page, negative and fractional numbers.It also supports skinning, meaning it will seamlessly fit into any site design, and slider pips with custom labels.The pips can also be decorated with prefixes and suffixes, and large numbers are also prettified and cut down to size.Disabled states and configuration via HTML5 data attributes is also supported with Ion.RangeSlider, along with support for dates and time values.

This is changelog for Ion.RangeSlider version 2.0.7 :

  • Fixed bug with broken From and To.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Ion.RangeSlider - Ion Range Slider can be used for creating drag slidersIon.RangeSlider - Ion Range Slider can be skinned or modified to work with two handles