How to Install and Configure Docker on Windows

Docker is can run in Windows via virtualization. One we can use is, Boot2Docker. You can follow this easy tutorial to install and configure Boot2Docker on Windows.

Clone the Boot2Docker from their Github Repository:

[sourcecode]git clone[/sourcecode]

  • configure ..\env.bat following the env.bat.template,
  • add the alias you want in the ‘profile’ file,
  • execute senv.bat then b2d.bat.

You then are in a properly customized boot2docker environment with:
an ssh session able to access internet behind corporate proxy when you type docker search/pull.
Dockerfiles able to access internet behind corporate proxy when they do an apt-get update/install and you type a docker build.

Boot2Docker Installation

If you are admin of your workstation, you can run boot2docker install on your Windows.
It currently comes with:

  • Boot2Docker 1.5.0 (Docker v1.5.0, Linux v3.18.5)
  • Boot2Docker Management Tool v1.5.0
  • VirtualBox v4.3.20-r96997
  • msysGit v1.9.5-preview20141217

Boot2Docker First Time Configuration

  • add c:\path\to\Boot2Docker For Windows\ in your %PATH%
  • (one time): boot2docker init
  • boot2docker start
  • boot2docker ssh
  • type exit to exit the ssh session, and boot2docker ssh to go back in: the history of commands you just typed is preserved.
    if you want to close the VM, boot2docker stop

You actually can see the VM start or stop if you open the Virtual Box GUI, and type in a DOS cmd session boot2docker start or stop.


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