OpenStack 11 “Kilo” is Released

The most popular open-source cloud platform from Red Hat, OpenStack is releasing their new version, version 11 “Kilo”. The latest OpenStack 11 Kilo is focusing back to easy of maintenance feature.

“As [the] core of platform matures, focus turns to interoperability in the market, raising the bar for driver compatibility, and extending the platform to fit workloads with bare metal and containers.” said OpenStack Foundation.

Some improvements and new feature on OpenStack 11 Kilo are:
– More stable and scalable accross new core services,

  • Full support for bare metal service, with OpenStack Ironic
  • Rigorous testing standard with 100 drivers and plugin option
  • New Object Storage for balance density and durability based on apps
  • More improved indentity federation
  • More DNS, key management and container support

OpenStack Foundation member is also growing. One of Kilo release supporters include Red Hat, HP, IBM, Mirantis, Rackspace, OpenStack Foundation, Yahoo!, NEC, Huawei, and SUSE.

Alan Clark, chairman of the OpenStack Foundation board, said, “When people think of the word Kilo, they typically think of the number 1000. We certainly exceeded that definition with our 1492 Kilo contributors. With each release our community continues to grow stronger and the OpenStack contribution to Cloud carries increasingly more weight, making Kilo the most supported OpenStack release in the projects history.

via OpenStack Foundation

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