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Einar Lielmanis is announcing that JS Beautifier with version number 1.5.10 is already available to download.

What is JS Beautifier ?

JS Beautifier is A Web-based tool for beautifying, unpacking, and de-obfuscating JavaScript, CSS, or HTML code, taking mangled code and pretty-printing it .

JS Beautifier is an open source tool for beautifying minified code, allowing developers to take a blob of text and transform it into an indented block of code (again).JS Beautifier is available as a bookmarklet, a  Python CLI, a Node.js CLI, or Web-based utility.Besides raw CSS, LESS syntax is also supported.Features:Works with JSON and JSONP dataCustomize wrapping styleDetects packers and obfuscatorsCan break lines on chained methodsCan preserve empty linesCan keep array indentationCan keep a space before conditional: “if(x)” / “if (x)”Can use JSLint-happy formatting tweaksCan unescape printable charsSet custom indentationSet braces display position

This is changelog for JS Beautifier version 1.5.10 :

  • Initial implementation of comma-first formatting – Diff-friendly literals!
  • CSS: Add newline between rules
  • LESS: improved function parameter formatting
  • HTML: options for wrapping attributes

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

JS Beautifier - JS Beautifier takes mangled and compressed code and beautifies itJS Beautifier - This means it can pretty-print any tangled mess of JavaScript code