Download Source Code Layers CSS 1.2.0

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Jerry Jäppinen is announcing that Layers CSS with version number 1.2.0 is already available to download.

What is Layers CSS ?

Layers CSS is A small collection of basic styles for various HTML elements, helping developers easily put together Web pages without spending all their time writing CSS code .

You could call Layers CSS a CSS framework, but the most appropriate term would be “project boilerplate”, or “starter kit”.It does not come packed with UI widgets and components like most CSS frameworks, but merely ships basic CSS code on which you can add your HTML and have a basic UI to work with.You can use Layers as a base CSS, adding your own styles on top.Layers’ main purpose is to put together all the quirks and shims developers eventually get to put together when working on a Web project, and by doing so sparing them the time they’d normally waste copy & pasting and trying to properly align CSS code from other developers and sources.Layers CSS comes with its own tools as well, stuff like its own responsive grid system, on which developers can create page layouts that render properly on both mobile and desktop devices.

This is changelog for Layers CSS version 1.2.0 :

  • Using attribute selectors in progressively enhanced .columns for big file size reductions.
  • Added progressively enhanced .column.first support to explicitly mark the first column of a row (for each breakpoint).
  • You can now mark elements .hidden-over- and .hidden-under- breakpoints.
  • input.plain removes magical focus outlines on webkit

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: