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Tobias Reich is announcing that Lychee with version number 3.0.2 is already available to download.

What is Lychee ?

Lychee is An open source photo management suite, coded to work on top of a classic PHP & MySQL server setup, also including Dropbox integration as well .

Lychee is a modern photo management application, written for today’s responsive Web.There are tens of PHP-based photo album scripts, but most of them are actually ancient when it comes to their codebase, created back in the day when Flickr, Facebook or Picasa weren’t around and people needed a way to host and share their images online.If you’re one of those persons that completely distrusts those big Web companies with your photos, especially after the recent NSA disclosures and privacy policies that have let those services “actually own” your photos along with you, then you might want to give Lychee a try.This PHP script uses a MySQL database to store information about images, albums, their details and the admin account, coming packed with an installation assistant that automates the setup process for you.Once everything up and running, admins can easily create albums and start adding photos, either one by one or in bulk using the photo uploader or one of the bulk import tools.With the pictures on your server you can then manage their metadata, add custom details, organize them in albums, make the photos and albums private or even downloadable.When you’ve finished, you can share the Lychee installation URL with your friends, or just share links to individual albums and photos.Lychee supports responsive layouts and mobile devices, and is a top shelf solution when it comes to hosting your own photography, Web design, or custom graphics portfolio.

This is changelog for Lychee version 3.0.2 :

  • New:
  • Album Sorting
  • Identifier to prevent login of multiple instances of Lychee

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Lychee - Lychee is a powerful photo management and sharing toolkitLychee - Various management controls are provided with every Lychee installationLychee - Dropbox integration is included with the basic Lychee setupLychee - Photos can be organized inside albumsLychee - Albums and photos can be shared and downloadedLycheeLycheeLycheeLycheeLycheeLycheeLycheeLycheeLycheeLycheeLychee