Download Source Code Phabricator 2015 Week 24 (Mid June)

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Phacility is announcing that Phabricator with version number 2015 Week 24 (Mid June) is already available to download.

What is Phabricator ?

Phabricator is A PHP project manager developed to help teams work on complex software .

Phabricator is a suite of Web applications, combined into one massive app dedicated to hosting and managing software repositories.Phabricator is ideal for dev teams working on coding projects, letting them aggregate all their efforts and work in one single interface.Developers can register, create projects, connect code repositores, use Phabricator’s interface to review code, track bugs, communicate with each other, leave notes, setup meetings, and many other more.It’s about the most complete development platform you may find under an open source license around. And the good thing is that anyone can host their own copy of Phabricator, without being tied to to various services.As proper for such an important app, documentation is provided.

This is changelog for Phabricator version 2015 Week 24 (Mid June) :

  • The major change this week is D12797, which marked almost all remaining strings for translation.
  • We are removing “Arcanist Projects” from the product. This will be ongoing in the near future. See T7604 for discussion.
  • Configuration settings related to public mailing addresses have been completely removed. They were deprecated some time ago. Configure inbound mail in Applications now, instead.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Phabricator - Phabricator is a Web-based project management systemPhabricator - Developers can review code revisions for their project with PhabricatorPhabricator - Each revision can be inspected in depthPhabricator - Details and data can be edited with easePhabricator - A powerful search engine is provided for searching through the code and projectsPhabricator - Tasks can be managed with Phabricator as wellPhabricatorPhabricator - Multiple repositories can be managed with Phabricator at oncePhabricator - Developers can navigate through each code repository individuallyPhabricator - They can even access and edit files directly with PhabricatorPhabricator - Phabricator is integrated with numerous source code versioning systemsPhabricator - Audits can be carried out for projects, repos, packages or usersPhabricator - A settings panel is also included with a Phabricator accountPhabricatorPhabricator - The user can activate or deactivate apps on his Phabricator dashboardPhabricator - Various social networking accounts can be linked to a Phabricator profilePhabricator - A debug console is also includedPhabricator - Email notifications can also be managed and sentPhabricator - A FAQ module is also packaged with PhabricatorPhabricator - A screenshot sharing app is also includedPhabricator - Phabricator comes with a real-time conferencing software alsoPhabricator - A calendar and event management module is also packed in PhabricatorPhabricator - IRC channels can be accessed via the Phabricator UI as wellPhabricator - A special page is present where all Phabricator users are listedPhabricator - Phabricator can be used to manage one or more projects at the same time