Download Source Code React Bootstrap 0.23.4

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React Bootstrap Team is announcing that React Bootstrap with version number 0.23.4 is already available to download.

What is React Bootstrap ?

React Bootstrap is A custom version of Bootstrap, ported to work on top of Facebook’s React JavaScript framework, instead of the default jQuery version .

Bootstrap is a famous frontend UI development framework, widely adopted by most of today’s developers.React is a complex JavaScript framework, developed by Facebook, using a declarative, XML-like syntax known as JSX. React Bootstrap ports the latest branch of Bootstrap, v3.x.This allows React developers to use their own version when developing websites that run on Bootstrap, without having to alter their syntax too much to accommodate for Bootstrap native code and philosophy.Most of the original Bootstrap components are supported, and the framework is also compatible with the latest version of React.React Bootstrap is also compatible with AMD development environments and can be installed via npm or Bower.

This is changelog for React Bootstrap version 0.23.4 :

  • Re-added CollapsableNav to public API.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

React Bootstrap - React Bootstrap features all the classic Bootstrap components, like button sets, navigational elements, content panels, and accordionsReact BootstrapReact BootstrapReact BootstrapReact Bootstrap - Along with them, modal windows, tooltips, popovers, and progress bars are also supportedReact BootstrapReact BootstrapReact BootstrapReact Bootstrap - Versions for the slider component, notification messages, and pill labels are also included with React BootstrapReact BootstrapReact Bootstrap