Download Source Code SC5 Styleguide 0.3.20

SC5 Online Ltd is announcing that SC5 Styleguide with version number 0.3.20 is already available to download.

What is SC5 Styleguide ?

SC5 Styleguide is A documentation generator for CSS, LESS, and SASS (SCSS) code, documentation systems also known in the industry as “styleguides” .

SC5 Styleguide is based on the Knyle Style Sheets (KSS) tool for Ruby, but works on Node.js.It works practically the same way and using the same notations used with KSS, allowing developers to easily write their CSS code with their adjacent comments and then have it compiled into an easy to read documentation page.These documentation pages do not only provide written descriptions for each of the page elements’ CSS code, but also automatically render examples of what the CSS code will output if used properly.This can be very helpful with large Web projects where a consistent visual look must be kept across all Web pages, frontends, and backend utilities.SC5 Styleguide also comes with a few extra features, the most useful of them being the live preview utility that lets developers edit the CSS source code and have it automatically show up in the styleguide pages without the developer having to manually recompile the entire system.SC5 Styleguide can be used as a Node.js command line tool, as a classic Node module inside your project, or as a Grunt or Gulp plugin.

This is changelog for SC5 Styleguide version 0.3.20 :

  • Features:
  • Implement horizontal navigation bar.
  • Allow markdown and HTML in KSS header and description, implement.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

SC5 Styleguide - SC5 Styleguide lets developers generate style guides out of their CSS code comments
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