Download Source Code SlimerJS 0.9.6

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Laurent Jouanneau is announcing that SlimerJS with version number 0.9.6 is already available to download.

What is SlimerJS ?

SlimerJS is A headless browser that packages and embeds the Mozilla Firefox Gecko browser engine, similar to what PhantomJS does for Webkit .

A headless browser is a browser without a user interface, used mainly for testing purposes, to simulate the presence of a browser, in this case the Gecko engine.Just like the original PhantomJS, SlimerJS can access Web pages, get the content from the page, compile it and log or send it to other programs.Most of the SlimerJS code has been directly ported from PhantomJS, but features specific to Firefox have also been implemented to closely simulate the Gecko engine.This makes it an ideal tool for testing departments, a much more powerful testing toolkit compared to classic unit testing frameworks.

This is changelog for SlimerJS version 0.9.6 :

  • Compatibility with XulRunner/Firefox 30 and 31
  • Packages: default Xulrunner version is now 31
  • Setting only with or height of viewportSize is now taking account
  • Support of “virtual” dialog box appearing for a window.onbeforeunload: webpage.onConfirm() is now called for this event

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: