Download Source Code TwitterBootstrapMVC 3.16.1

Dmitry Efimenko is announcing that TwitterBootstrapMVC with version number 3.16.1 is already available to download.

What is TwitterBootstrapMVC ?

TwitterBootstrapMVC is A C# library that helps developers write Bootstrap-compliant HTML code a lot easier, complete with support for the ASP.NET MVC Framework .

TwitterBootstrapMVC provides a set of helpers that simplify the process of integrating the Bootstrap UI framework with ASP.NET MVC powered applications.The library is easy to use and automatically inserts all the proper HTML code in your app without having to do this manually and constantly checking between the Bootstrap docs and your current application to make sure everything was entered properly and in its correct place.This cuts down development time and reduces the overhead needed to integrate Bootstrap with the complex (yet highly efficient) world of ASP.NET programming.TwitterBootstrapMVC is available for free if you’re using the 2.x branch of Bootstrap. Support for the 3.x branch is available only under a commercial license (free trial available).If you like video presentations, then here’s one from Dmitry Efimenko, TwitterBootstrapMVC’s author himself:

This is changelog for TwitterBootstrapMVC version 3.16.1 :

  • Added methods .Class(), .Data(), and .HtmlAttributes() to @tabs.Tab() method.
  • Links inside the DropDowns now render attribute role=”menuitem” by default.
  • Added JavaScript code to initialize Bootstrap buttons on the page load.
  • Added localization support for members of enums for methods like .DropDownListFromEnum()

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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