Tutorial Windows: How to Put Your Face on a Different Body in Windows

With Windows applications becoming more and more user-friendly, individuals now use them to their full potential. Advanced photo editing skills are no longer mandatory for enhancements, since a lot of tools are automated.

One trend that is used either to create funny moments, or simply trick someone into believing you did something extraordinary is by putting your face on a different body.

The technique means cutting off a part of a picture and pasting it on another, but this is easier said than done. We’ve put up a few steps in an attempt to make it easier for you.

Using PowerPoint

If you’re not familiar with this, you might want to know that some time ago Microsoft introduced a neat feature called Remove Background in its Office Suite apps.

Step 1: Launch PowerPoint and empty the whole canvas.

Step 2: Drag the picture from which you want to extract the face over the main window.

Step 3: Select the picture, go to the Format tab, and hit the Remove Background button.

Note: You might want to zoom in for better tweaking and carefully select areas to remove and keep. This might take a little while. Use the Crop tool afterwards to make the face easier to select.

Step 4: Add the target picture on the canvas.

Step 5: Send it to the bottom layer by right-clicking it, and pressing Send to Back.

Step 6: Drag the cropped face over the one to replace; resize if necessary.

Step 7: Select everything by pressing Ctrl + A or dragging a box around the whole canvas.

Step 8: Right-click the selection and choose to Save as Picture.

With third-party applications

Step 1: Download, install, and run Face Off Max.

Step 2: Choose to create a New Project.

Step 3: Select the body you want to place the face on from your Picture File.

Step 4: Choose Picture File for the face as well.

Step 5: Move and adjust the box over the face you want to cut.

Step 6: Fine-tune the face by painting the exact region you want to keep.

Step 7: Drag the face over the one you want to replace. It might be necessary to zoom in and resize for perfect placement.

Step 8: Cut out excess details so that it perfectly blends with the body.

Step 9: Adjust the upper Brightness and Gamma sliders at the top for each of the color layers. This makes sure the face matches the body color accent.

Step 10: Press the blue button in the bottom right to tell the application you’ve Finished editing.

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