Download Source Code AXISJ 1.0.17

Tomas Jang is announcing that AXISJ with version number 1.0.17 is already available to download.

What is AXISJ ?

AXISJ is A frontend UI framework, a powerful toolkit for prototyping user interfaces using pre-built, standards-compliant widgets and components .

AXISJ is a pretty complete user interface toolkit developed by a local Korean developer with the aim of providing a solid UI package for Web and mobile apps.AXISJ comes with plenty of ready-made widgets that can easily be loaded in an application and provide a basic style for a programmer’s projects.Either used temporarily or used as the application’s production version, AXISJ will take care of the UI, letting the developer concentrate more on his code’s logic and transactions.AXISJ also features a modular design, which lets developers load each widget independently from the rest, making sure a website’s frontend is not flooded by tens of HTTP requests for components that will never get used.The library has been built on top of the jQuery framework, but it can also work with AngularJS as well.

This is changelog for AXISJ version 1.0.17 :

  • Support setting dialog top position
  • Improvement resetHeight method, add config emptyListMSG
  • Added method (resetHeight)
  • Added method (fetchList)

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

AXISJ - AXISJ is a UI library, packed full of various button stylesAXISJ - Input element formatting styles are included with AXISJAXISJ - AXISJ also includes stepper controls for specialized number inputAXISJ - Radio buttons also look much cooler in AXISJAXISJ - Input and range sliders are included with AXISJAXISJ - Drop-down select elements have a much more appealing styleAXISJ - Date and time pickers are packed with the AXISJ UI libraryAXISJ - Floating notifications can be shown in the corner of the screenAXISJ - Notifications and warnings can also be shown via dialog messagesAXISJ - AXISJ includes support for displaying modal windowsAXISJ - Progress bars are also supported with AXISJAXISJ - Progress circles as wellAXISJ - Tab panels are easy to build with the AXISJ libraryAXISJ - Complex data grids and stylized tables are also supportedAXISJ - Tree and nested navigational structures are supported as well with AXISJAXISJ - AXISJ includes a simple WYSIWYG editorAXISJ - An HTML5-powered upload form is packed with AXISJAXISJ - AXISJ also comes with a drop-down multi-level navigation menu

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