Download Source Code BASSCSS 7.0.0

Brent Jackson is announcing that BASSCSS with version number 7.0.0 is already available to download.

What is BASSCSS ?

BASSCSS is A frontend UI framework created to provide developers with a basic page prototype for their projects, available in both SCSS and CSS .

The purpose of BASSCSS is to provide a lighter core when it comes to CSS frameworks.Most frontend UI toolkits these days are growing at exponential rates, becomes real behemoths, bulking up more and more with each new release.Using Bootstrap, InK, or Bootflat or any other similar UI framework for one-page websites is starting to become a bad practice in the industry.For such cases, opting for a lighter, yet very capable UI framework like BASSCSS is much more acceptable.Light, easy to learn, and easy to customize and adapt, BASSCSS is the alternative developers should be looking more and more these days.

This is changelog for BASSCSS version 7.0.0 :

  • New:
  • Simpler buttons with btn, btn-primary, and btn-outline modules
  • Vertical alignment with the align module
  • Utility type-scale module has been separated from base-typography

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

BASSCSS - BASSCSS comes with basic styles for typographic elements, all aligned using a baseline gridBASSCSS - Basic button styles are also included with the BASSCSS UI frameworkBASSCSS - Styles for various form elements are include as wellBASSCSS - BASSCSS comes packed with a small collection of UI widgetsBASSCSS - Themes & color variations are built-in with the BASSCSS stylesheets

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