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JC Brand is announcing that Converse.js with version number 0.9.4 is already available to download.

What is Converse.js ?

Converse.js is A XMPP chat client written in JavaScript, allowing you to easily embed it with any of your projects, regardless of the underlying Web platform .

Converse.js can be added on top of any existing website, regardless of its platform, and provide a way for webmasters to talk to their site visitors.The entire chat system uses a  (public or private) XMPP/Jabber server underneath the hood, relaying messages between registered and logged in users.Support is included for multiple chat rooms and private messaging, allowing users to get help from a support staff in the chat room or in private from their friends.Chat related features like room invitations, contacts list, contact groups, user status, and real-time typing notifications are all included.Some other features are also packed with Converse.js, features like support for translations, vCards, message encryption, in-band registrations, contact subscriptions, and service discovery. As you’d find out yourself while using it, Converse.js is very similar to the Facebook chat, works in near real-time, and has community developed plugins for platforms like WordPress, Alfresco, Django, Plone, Roundcube, and Patternslib.All in all a pretty solid product, something you don’t usually get every day from open sourced projects.

This is changelog for Converse.js version 0.9.4 :

  • Add the ability to log in anonymously.
  • Add the ability to log in automatically.
  • Remove type=email from JID field in login form. Resulting validation error confuses people.
  • Add Ukrainian translations.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Converse.js - Converse.js is a JavaScript-based XMPP client for your Web projectsConverse.js - Contacts and separate chat rooms are supported with Converse.jsConverse.js - Users can also login or create new accounts if they don't have oneConverse.jsConverse.js