Download Source Code Crate 0.49.5

CRATE Technology GmbH is announcing that Crate with version number 0.49.5 is already available to download.

What is Crate ?

Crate is A powerful database engine designed for storing huge quantities of data, being able to easily search and make the data available for real-time usage environments .

Crate is a database coded in Java that uses the classic SQL syntax to index and store information in one machine or using server clusters.Data can be easily queried and made available in real-time, allowing developers to easily scale up their applications without losing performance.Unlike many similar database solutions that make it hard for non-technical users to work with them, Crate comes with a beautiful and easy to use administration panel by default, alongside the classic DB terminal.This simplifies the process of managing the data and expanding the storage system, without having to hire a company or database specialized professionals.As for performance, Crate delivers very fast results, will keep up with you when you scale your applications, important factors that played a big part in winning TechCrunch’s 2014 Disrupt London Startup Battlefield competition.If you want to learn more about Crate, you can also watch this short video presentation:

This is changelog for Crate version 0.49.5 :

  • Added plugin support
  • Fixed performing queries on a partitioned table could cause unnecessary “execution rejected“ errors
  • Removed the limitation that the WHERE clause couldn’t contain certain expressions in `select count(*)` queries.
  • Expose REST URL of node in “sys.nodes“ table

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Crate - Crate is a powerful database engine, complete with an administration panelCrate - Developers can execute custom SQL queries from the Crate adminCrate - Crate can be used to easily view active tables ...Crate - ... and also view details about Crate database clusters

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