Download Source Code cssnext 1.8.1

cssnext Development Team is announcing that cssnext with version number 1.8.1 is already available to download.

What is cssnext ?

cssnext is A JavaScript library for using experimental CSS features right now, without having to way for the official release of CSS4 (or CSS5) .

cssnext will allow a developer to use a set of unofficial CSS features in his code right away, using an intermediary JavaScript library to parse the CSS syntax and convert it to CSS3.cssnext can be used as a programmatic library inside your JavaScript code, but can also work via Node.js CLI.Plugins also exist for PostCSS, Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, Brunch, Broccoli, Duo, and Connect, allowing developers to seamlessly integrated it with any of their working environments.The library allows real-time conversion of CSS code when something changes in the stylesheet, comes with browser vendor, browser version, and browser features filtering, and can also skip importing nested CSS files (loaded via @import).

This is changelog for cssnext version 1.8.1 :

  • Fixed:
  • Support for autoprefixer 5.2

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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