Download Source Code Kanboard 1.0.17

Frédéric Guillot is announcing that Kanboard with version number 1.0.17 is already available to download.

What is Kanboard ?

Kanboard is A pretty powerful task organizer and to-do list manager implemented on the classic Japanese Kanban visual flow management methodology .

Kanboard allows administrators to create projects, add tasks, and them pin them to various boards based on their status.Everything from the smallest task up to big projects is editable and cusotmizable in the Kanboard application, allowing it to fit and adapt to any project type or work environment.More than one user can work via Kanboard, allowing entire development teams and project managers to work on shared projects, quickly advancing it to the final goal.Kanboard uses a minimal visual interface, putting the accent on the tasks and goals to be achieved, working and loading pretty fast.Overall, Kanboard can be real useful to persons trapped in complex jobs, that need a proper order and a better flow in their working habits.

This is changelog for Kanboard version 1.0.17 :

  • Added config file documentation.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Kanboard - Kanboard requires users to authenticate before viewing the dashboardKanboard - Once logged in, administrators can start adding projectsKanboard - Multiple projects can be managed via the Kanboard appKanboard - For each project, the admin can control who gets to access itKanboard - The active boards for each project can also be customizedKanboard - Default actions for each Kanboard project can also be changedKanboard - Kanboard is also capable of handling multiple user accountsKanboard - Admins can also edit their users' details when neededKanboard - Each project has its own board with tasks and to-dosKanboard - A built-in search functionality allows admins and users to search through tasksKanboard - Tasks and to-dos can be filtered by their due datesKanboard - All "done" tasks are hidden and can be viewed only on a separate pageKanboard - For each task, a separate descriptive page can be accessed and users can comment on it thereKanboard - Tasks can easily be edited and added to KanboardKanboard - A double-confirmation system is used for closing down project tasksKanboard - A settings page allows administrators to tweak their Kanboard installation
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