Download Source Code Lost Grid 6.4.0 / 0.0.7

Cory Simmons is announcing that Lost Grid with version number 6.4.0 / 0.0.7 is already available to download.

What is Lost Grid ?

Lost Grid is A responsive grid system developed around the new CSS calc() function, available in separate versions for SCSS, Stylus, and JavaScript .

Lost Grid explores the new calc() CSS function and finds a good way to put it to work in a responsive grid system.The grid is available in three versions, JavaScript (jQuery dependency), SCSS, and Stylus, and you can easily compile it into a fourth version: native CSS.The grid’s markup mimics Bootstrap’s grid, allowing developers to easily add it to their future projects without altering too much of the HTML.For older browsers, Lost Grid also uses a fallback grid based on Jeet, avoiding situations when the content breaks and gets displayed in all the bad places.The grid also uses consistent gutters, doesn’t include additional ratio contexts, and is very light and easy to implement compared to other solutions.

This is changelog for Lost Grid version 6.4.0 / 0.0.7 :

  • Port to PostCSS.
  • Remove Stylus, SCSS, LESS versions.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Lost Grid - Lost Grid is a grid system available in SCSS, Stylus, and JavaScript
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