Download Source Code OpenUI5 1.28.11

SAP is announcing that OpenUI5 with version number 1.28.11 is already available to download.

What is OpenUI5 ?

OpenUI5 is A JavaScript-based frontend UI framework that heavily relies on HTML5 for building modern, good looking, and responsive user interfaces .

OpenUI5 is a great toolkit to have at your disposal if you’re a Web developer looking for an alternative to more accomplished frontend frameworks like Bootstrap, UIkit, or Foundation.This UI toolkit is above all open sourced, focused on HTML5, and built for responsive and mobile-friendly applications.It is also built on top of jQuery, comes very well documented, and supports lots of UI components out of the box.OpenUI5 was created around a set of concepts like feature-rich UI controls, a consistent UX, enterprise-readiness, and cross-browser and cross-platform support.Besides UI components, the framework also includes support for more low-level features like translations, core code extendability, keyboard interactions, and the ability of letting developers theme its UI.Overall the framework is more than adequate if you’re working on enterprise projects, and not just your own personal project’s UI.

This is changelog for OpenUI5 version 1.28.11 :

  • FIXES:
  • Databinding: Usage of model types with custom property types allowed
  • NumberFormat: Unnecessary leading zeros with parseAsString removed
  • ODataAnnotations: Alias replacement in AnnotationsPath collections

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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