Download Source Code OroCRM 1.7.4

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Oro, Inc. is announcing that OroCRM with version number 1.7.4 is already available to download.

What is OroCRM ?

OroCRM is An open source PHP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) specifically developed to work integrated with e-commerce sites and online stores .

Coded on the Symfony framework and on top of the Oro Platform, OroCRM is a professional grade CRM application for managing clients and customers.It features all the basic utilities of a CRM, but with small adaptations to fit the online shopping experience and provide company owners with optimal tools for managing their business.Support is included for Magento and eBay integrations, helping the owners of these kind of stores to easily keep track of their customers and orders in a professional way.And in case there are lots of people handling customers in a company, OroCRM comes with advanced user roles and a fine-grained permissions system to grant each one the access he needs to perform his job.If you don’t like or can’t host your own CRM, then OroCRM also comes with a third-party hosted plan.

This is changelog for OroCRM version 1.7.4 :

  • Tracking of email conversations and threads
  • Immediate availability of Magento data after initial synchronization
  • Automatic accounts discovery on Magento customers sync
  • Create and Edit Magento customers from OroCRM

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

OroCRM - OroCRM features and easy to use administration panelOroCRMOroCRM - Accounts, contacts, and customers can be managed via the OroCRM interfaceOroCRMOroCRMOroCRMOroCRMOroCRM - Sales related information like leads, opportunities, orders, or active shopping carts can be viewed in the OroCRM backendOroCRMOroCRMOroCRMOroCRMOroCRMOroCRMOroCRMOroCRMOroCRMOroCRM - Activities like tasks, contact requests, or business calls can also be recorded and tracked via OroCRMOroCRMOroCRMOroCRMOroCRMOroCRMOroCRM - A reports and statistics center allows administrators to review recent company activityOroCRM - Lots of OroCRM settings can be customized via the OroCRM backendOroCRM - Localization and language settings can be configured for l10n and i18n supportOroCRM - Advanced user management settings, controls, and options are packed with OroCRMOroCRMOroCRMOroCRMOroCRMOroCRM - Email and notification templates can be edited via the OroCRM admin panelOroCRM - Content can be easily tagged inside OroCRMOroCRM - Worklows, tasks, and operations can be managed via the OroCRM backendOroCRM - Various jobs can be queued and executed via OroCRMOroCRMOroCRM - A built-in calendar will help users organize their daily and monthly activitiesOroCRM - Lots of shortcuts and menu helpers are included in the OroCRM admin dashboard UIOroCRMOroCRM - OroCRM also comes with an user friendly installer