Download Source Code WSN Gallery 9.2.11

Paul Knierim is announcing that WSN Gallery with version number 9.2.11 is already available to download.

What is WSN Gallery ?

WSN Gallery is A Web-based image gallery script coded in PHP and MySQL, ideal for showcasing your photography, portfolio, or even selling your artwork .

WSN Gallery transforms bland sliders and slideshows into a fully-manageable application.It allows admins to use a backend panel to create complex photo display sites that can be used to share photos with your friends or even as a fully standalone portfolio.On top of this, some monetization options are also supported, allowing webmasters to earn some money from their photos and artwork, either by charging people to see them, or by selling the photos themselves.WSN Gallery is available for free, with minimal access to features, but there is also available for testing (via a free trial for 30 days) a Pro version with extra features.This Pro version comes in three licenses. The Lite license will provide limited access to some of the backend functions, the Standard license is for running one single WSN Gallery installation, and the Domain license is for running unlimited WSN Gallery installations on the same domain.

This is changelog for WSN Gallery version 9.2.11 :

  • Fixed wrong language value in profile on English-only installs
  • Fixed so {LINKLABEL} doesn’t have search highlighting
  • Enabled guest editing without claiming

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

WSN Gallery - WSN Gallery comes with an installation wizard to help users install the systemWSN Gallery - An admin panel is also included with WSN GalleryWSN Gallery - New albums and images can be easily imported or added by handWSN Gallery - Images can also be edited at any later point with WSN GalleryWSN GalleryWSN Gallery - Comments are also supported with imagesWSN GalleryWSN Gallery - Images can also be organized in categoriesWSN Gallery - Members can also register and edited at later points inside the WSN Gallery backendWSN GalleryWSN Gallery - Sponsorship and other monetization options are availableWSN Gallery - WSN Gallery also comes with a wide range of customization optionsWSN GalleryWSN GalleryWSN Gallery - Themes and templates can be edited in the WSN Gallery backendWSN GalleryWSN GalleryWSN Gallery - Admins can send out newsletters to a list of subscribed usersWSN Gallery - Various other management tools are packed in with WSN GalleryWSN GalleryWSN GalleryWSN Gallery - A basic frontend theme is available with any WSN Gallery installationWSN Gallery

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