Download Source Code wysihtml 0.4.17 / 0.5.0-beta11

Voog is announcing that wysihtml with version number 0.4.17 / 0.5.0-beta11 is already available to download.

What is wysihtml ?

wysihtml is A framework-agnostic WYSIWYG editor, a tool for letting your users easily style their text using a simple Word-like formatting toolbar .

wysihtml was developed on top of the older WYSIHTML5 editor.Just like the original, wysihtml works seamlessly without the use of any large & bulky JavaScript framework loaded on the page and uses a set of built-in controls arranged on a toolbar-like structure to let users format the text inside a textarea or DIVĀ element.It comes with support for a large array of text formatting options, ranging from basic text bolding to managing text size, color, and alignment.The editor doesn’t use any types of iframes, generates standards compliant, semantic HTML5 code, and also automatically tries to fix badly formatted HTML tags.But the best wysihtml feature is how the editor handles new lines, adding a line-break tag instead of empty DIVs or paragraph tags, a problem that has plagued many RTEs and ruined many CMSs along the way.Demos are included with the download package, and wysihtml also includes speech input support for Chrome browsers.Besides the standalone JavaScript component, wysihtml is also available for Ruby on Rails.

This is changelog for wysihtml version 0.4.17 / 0.5.0-beta11 :

  • Fixed:
  • IE9 error if classList polyfill present allready
  • Preserve cursor position on editor.cleanUp()
  • Table cells selection is broken

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

wysihtml - wysihtml is a powerful WYSIWYG editor built with modern technologieswysihtml - Because wysihtml comes with minimal styles, you can skin it to look like anything you want
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