Download Source Code wysihtml for Rails 0.5.0.beta11

Voog is announcing that wysihtml for Rails with version number 0.5.0.beta11 is already available to download.

What is wysihtml for Rails ?

wysihtml for Rails is A user friendly WYSIWYG editor, specifically packaged to with Ruby on Rails applications, also available as a JavaScript component as well .

wysihtml for Rails is a rich text editor that lets users edit text inside a Ruby on Rails application using a Word-like toolbar.By default the editor comes with minimal styles, being easy to adapt and integrate in any RoR application.There are lots of built-in text formatting controls, covering everything from basic text to images and tables.You can download the wysihtml JavaScript standalone component via Softpedia as well.

This is changelog for wysihtml for Rails version 0.5.0.beta11 :

  • Renamed gem from wysihtml5x-rails to wysihtml-rails

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

wysihtml for Rails - wysihtml is a powerful WYSIWYG editor built with modern technologieswysihtml for Rails - wysihtml comes with minimal styles but you can skin it to look like anything you want
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