Download Source Code analyze-css 0.10.0

Maciej Brencz is announcing that analyze-css with version number 0.10.0 is already available to download.

What is analyze-css ?

analyze-css is A JavaScript library for analyzing local or remote CSS files, detecting basic performance metrics and the file’s CSS selector complexity .

analyze-css can be used from the Node.js console or programmatically as any other JS library inside the code.analyze-css works by parsing an entire CSS file and running its content against a series of metrics and parameters.It then builds a report in the form of a JSON file, listing each metrics’ value, and a list of “offenders” at the bottom with more in-depth details about problematic areas.In case the file is hard to read, there’s also a JSON pretty-printing option available as well.analyze-css can work with local CSS files stored on disk, or with remote stylesheets used in production environments or hosted on a dev site.The library also comes with (experimental) SCSS support.

This is changelog for analyze-css version 0.10.0 :

  • This release brings the detection of duplicated properties (especially useful when using CSS preprocessors) and command line / CommonJS module option to disabled offenders.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

analyze-css - analyze-css will help developers analyze and inspect their local or remote CSS files
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