Download Source Code p5.js 0.4.8

Lauren McCarthy is announcing that p5.js with version number 0.4.8 is already available to download.

What is p5.js ?

p5.js is A state of the art JavaScript library for creating and animating Web graphics, heavily based and inspired the the Processing language .

p5.js is a modern day all-around magic toolbelt, allowing developers not only a simple way of creating new graphics on a page, but also make them interactive, responding to the user’s input, remote data, or various other input streams.p5.js can handle a lot of things. It can draw shapes, animate page elements, fetch data from remote APIs, handle mouse interactions, and even generate and manipulate sounds.It’s a total package for creating interactive Web experiences, using all the library’s capabilities at once, intertwined with each other.The syntax is quite easy to learn compared to other markup languages and should be self-explanatory for all users, regardless of their technical background.

This is changelog for p5.js version 0.4.8 :

  • Added p5.Vector equals() method
  • createCapture() now supports constraints object and callback
  • Added support for color strings
  • Fixed touchX and touchY coords

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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