Download Source Code Sitemagic CMS 4.0

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Codemagic is announcing that Sitemagic CMS with version number 4.0 is already available to download.

What is Sitemagic CMS ?

Sitemagic CMS is A lightweight PHP Content Management System that uses XML files to store data and can even work with MySQL databases when needed .

Sitemagic CMS was created to provide a visual administration interface for small projects.Relying on local XML files to store data, Sitemagic websites are incredibly fast and can easily be extended with modules to provide more management features.In case the website gets pretty big and XML files tend to slow down the site, a MySQL database can be used instead to store the CMS’ data.By default, the Sitemagic CMS comes working out of the box and includes some sample content to get webmasters going on their own projects.To install, just unzip the CMS archive and move it to a Web folder.

This is changelog for Sitemagic CMS version 4.0 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Sitemagic CMS - There's no need to install Sitemagic, the CMS working out of the boxSitemagic CMS - Sitemagic CMS comes with a password protected admin panel and dummy content to get webmasters started on their sitesSitemagic CMS - Sitemagic CMS also features a pretty comprehensive settings pageSitemagic CMS - A file manager also ships with SitemagicSitemagic CMS - Sitemagic features an easy to manage menu editing utilitySitemagic CMS - Editing the content of pages is done using a WYSIWYG editorSitemagic CMS - The CSS appearance editor is available as a built-in Sitemagic CMS moduleSitemagic CMS - Also as a built-in module, the Sitemagic CMS downloads centerSitemagic CMS - Other Sitemagic CMS modules can be installed from local or remote locationsSitemagic CMS - Image galleries can be built via a Sitemagic CMS moduleSitemagic CMS - Google Analytics integration is also achieved via a Sitemagic CMS moduleSitemagic CMS - Also as a Sitemagic CMS module, the image montage feature