Download Source Code SPIP 3.0.20

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SPIP Development Team is announcing that SPIP with version number 3.0.20 is already available to download.

What is SPIP ?

SPIP is A news publishing and all-around CMS script written in PHP, with a focus on easy content administration and multi-lingual support .

SPIP is a very old project that has stood the test of time and is still around, up to date with the latest technical specs and ready to deployed anywhere and any time.Mainly built around publishing content in a blog like fashion, SPIP can also work as a CMS if needed to.Nevertheless, most of its tools are blog-related, SPIP being ideal for press rooms, online magazines and professional bloggers.SPIP second best feature is its advanced support of multi-lingual content, coming with the tools needed to handle such sites, but also with a localized backend for multi-lingual editorial teams.Other features are also included, making SPIP a pretty complex and professional tool to have around.

This is changelog for SPIP version 3.0.20 :

  • Modularity with plugins
  • A new private area
  • A new set of default templates

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

SPIP - Users are guided through the process of installing SPIPSPIP - Once everything setup correctly, the webmaster is greeted by the admin dashboardSPIP - He can then configure his profile as he wishesSPIP - SPIP comes packaged with a powerful documents manager (images and files)SPIP - Site content is managed with the help of sectionsSPIP - SPIP is also a multi-user CMS as well, working for one or more usersSPIP - The process of writing articles is helped by a WYSIWYG editorSPIPSPIPSPIP - To easily navigate large website structures, a sitemap utility is also includedSPIPSPIP - Template files can easily be edited inside the SPIP backendSPIP - Various configuration options are available for the SPIP systemSPIPSPIPSPIP - SPIP also includes support for multi-lingual installationsSPIP - Various content management options are available in the configuration screensSPIPSPIPSPIP - SPIP functionality can also be extended via pluginsSPIPSPIP - SPIP also supports revisions, functionality that can easily be turned on or offSPIP - SPIP can also use a custom URL structure for its pagesSPIP - An internal forum is included with the SPIP backendSPIP - A calendar app is also packaged with SPIPSPIP - SPIP uses an internal messaging system to let users talk to each otherSPIP - Various maintenance operations are available with SPIPSPIPSPIPSPIPSPIPSPIPSPIP