Download Source Code Spring Batch 3.0.5

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SpringSource is announcing that Spring Batch with version number 3.0.5 is already available to download.

What is Spring Batch ?

Spring Batch is A lightweight yet comprehensive Java framework utilized in creating batch applications for automating various tasks and operations .

Spring Batch contains a collection of tools and Java functions for working and processing large data volumes.Spring Batch is extremely efficient in improving the performance of Java batch jobs, mainly through the usage of well-known optimization, classification, and partitioning techniques.Some of the basic functions and operations that can be batched with the framework are:- Job skipping- Job restarts- Job stops- Job starts- Job retries- Basic resource management- Data logging- Data tracing- Transaction management- Statistics processingThe framework also scales very well, developers being able to use it on cloud computing environments, not just their regular stand-alone production or testing servers.Spring Batch also comes with Spring Batch Admin, a visually pleasing and easy to use Web-based administration interface for managing and editing currently batched operations.

This is changelog for Spring Batch version 3.0.5 :

  • CompositeItemProcessor.setDelegates argument has limiting generic type
  • StaxEventItemWriter should only force sync once per chunk
  • Relax OSGI dependencies on nosql jars

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: