Download Source Code T3 1.5.1

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  • Post category:Download is announcing that T3 with version number 1.5.1 is already available to download.

What is T3 ?

T3 is A JavaScript framework for developing client-side JavaScript applications, created specifically for building non-MVC structures .

T3 is a JavaScript framework that can be used in building large-scale applications that run in the browser.It was developed by the dev team and uses a non-MVC approach that frees it up from limiting conventions and a series of restrictions that usually plague and bring down performance in MVC applications.The framework is based on a series of concepts like loosed components coupling, progressive enhancement, explicit dependencies, and an extendable infrastructure.This allows it to adapt to a wide range of requirements, and also control what features are used on a per-project basis, loading only the components needed for each application in part.T3 is also framework agnostic, working together with any other JavaScript framework and frontend toolkit you may want.Examples are included with the download package while documentation can be found on T3’s official website.

This is changelog for T3 version 1.5.1 :

  • Change karma to use mocha reporter
  • Fix embedded sourcemap URL
  • Add wrapper to T3 for CommonJS
  • Remove event delegation on detached nodes

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: