Download Source Code AdminLTE 2.3.0

Abdullah Almsaeed is announcing that AdminLTE with version number 2.3.0 is already available to download.

What is AdminLTE ?

AdminLTE is An admin control panel dashboard template, coded on top of the Bootstrap 3 CSS framework, very malleable and with full mobile support .

AdminLTE is nothing more than a collection of various UI widgets and components, all added on top of a Bootstrap installation, put together to cut down development time when working on backends & dashboards.While AdminLTE is quite large, you can easily remove all the components and features you don’t like, and only use the ones you really need in your application.AdminLTE itself is customizable via skins, comes with support for mobile and responsive layouts, is printer friendly, can easily be internationalized, and allows users to easily reshuffle elements around the dashboard via drag&drop.It is also cross-browser compatible, includes support for icon fonts, and is quite lightweight when it comes to file size even if it contains so many widgets and components.Included components, pages, and widgets:AnnouncementsNotificationsWYSIWYG editorForm stylesDate pickerTime pickerDrag sliderTimeline viewCalendar appInbox appLogin pageRegistration pageError pagesLockscreen supportChartsTablesDatagridVector mapsKnobsProgress barsTab panelAccordionCarousel sliderTypography presetsButtons

This is changelog for AdminLTE version 2.3.0 :

  • Updated version in footer.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

AdminLTE - AdminLTE is a very beautiful and sleek dashboard app built on the Bootstrap 3 frameworkAdminLTE - AdminLTE is available in two skins, a black and a blue version (seen here)AdminLTE - The AdminLTE dashboard comes packed with lots of widgetsAdminLTE - Charts are also easy embeddable in the AdminLTE dashboardAdminLTE - Various standard UI elements are included with the default AdminLTE distributionAdminLTE - Icons fonts are also available with AdminLTEAdminLTE - Various types of buttons are supported by default with AdminLTEAdminLTE - Lots of drag sliders can be used with the dashboardAdminLTE - A timeline can also be created inside AdminLTE pagesAdminLTE - Styles for all common form elements are included with AdminLTEAdminLTE - More advanced form fields can also be added to AdminLTE formsAdminLTE - WYSIWYG editors are also included with the standard AdminLTE distributionAdminLTE - Tables and data grids can be created and added to a AdminLTE dashboardAdminLTEAdminLTE - A calendar app is also included, mimicking the Google Calendar displayAdminLTE - So is an inbox sample page, for using AdminLTE in building internal messaging systemsAdminLTE - Invoices can be created and displayed in raw HTML via AdminLTEAdminLTE - A sign-in and registration page is included with the AdminLTE dashboardAdminLTEAdminLTE - Error pages can also be displayedAdminLTE - For mobile devices, a lockscreen page is available as well
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