Download Source Code Closure Compiler 20150920

Google Inc. is announcing that Closure Compiler with version number 20150920 is already available to download.

What is Closure Compiler ?

Closure Compiler is The best JavaScript compiler around, a tool to optimize JavaScript code, created and used by Google and many others around the Web .

The Closure Compiler was written in Java and it has for many years achieved the best results when it come to analyzing, validating, and compressing JavaScript code for the Web.It’s unique from other compilers not only because it compresses code better, but it also checks for errors, unused code, and even goes on to rewrite some of it for you when it detects bad syntax.It’s a powerful tool that has gained the respect of developers after they have seen what great JavaScript-heavy applications Google has built with it. Like per example the Google Search Engine, Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Docs, just to name a few.The Closure Compiler can be used via a Java CLI tool, but it can also be hosted online and work via a simple interface.A RESTful programmatic API is also available for developers that want to integrate it within other services as well.

This is changelog for Closure Compiler version 20150920 :

  • A few more getTypeRegistry changes in javatests.
  • This is the last CL about getTypeRegistry cleanups.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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