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Andy Miller is announcing that Grav with version number 0.9.39 is already available to download.

What is Grav ?

Grav is A PHP CMS, or more accurately a static site generator, that can turn a structure of Markdown files into a fully-working static HTML website .

Grav falls in the same category as other PHP scripts like Stacey, Kirby, Yellow, NoShi, or Pico, and scripts written in other programming languages like Jekyll, Hakyll, DocPad, Metalsmith, and Nikola. Grav works in a similar fashion, using a template engine (Twig) to take content stored inside local (Markdown) files and assemble them into easy-to-host static HTML files.On top of this simple principle, Grav’s team has built a caching engine to help manage the static assets in a fast and performance-oriented manner, along with a plugins and themeing system to help developers customize their Grav-powered sites.Since there’s no database involved, this makes Grav sites easy to host, fast to backup & restore, and also easy to manage and edit at runtime.SEO friendly URLs are also included, along with PHP CLI tools, a taxonomy system, multiple user accounts, and user roles.

This is changelog for Grav version 0.9.39 :

  • Added support for chunked downloads of Assets
  • Added new onBeforeDownload() event
  • Added new download() and getMimeType() methods to Utils class
  • Added configuration option for supported page types

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Grav - Grav turns a structure of Markdown files into a fully-working static HTML website