Download Source Code Grunticon 2.2.2

Filament Group, Inc. is announcing that Grunticon with version number 2.2.2 is already available to download.

What is Grunticon ?

Grunticon is A tool for transforming your plain SVG graphics into Web-ready files, usable as icons or background images, even on older browsers .

Grunticon is a Grunt.js task that can be run on a folder containing SVG images. You can use PNG images as well, but the results won’t be very “vectorish.”Grunticon works by taking all these SVG icons and generates CSS code that you can use to properly embed them on Web pages, with built-in support for responsive layouts and Retina devices.The CSS code generated by this app covers all the basics, coming in three different versions:- SVG data URLs- PNG data URLs- classic PNG imagesThe third method was included as a fallback for browsers not supporting SVG data, rendering the SVG icons as regular PNG images. If the SVGs are not available in a PNG form, then Grunticon will convert them for you automatically and place them in a special folder.By editing a few lines in the Grunt.js task file, developers can also adjust the characteristics of the outputted icons, ranging from the CSS prefix to the location of a preview HTML file.Along with the CSS, a small JS file can also be generated, which can be used to asynchronously load the SVG files, making sure they don’t block page rendering if multiple items are used on the same page.Icons generated via Grunticon also have the ability to be styled via CSS, rendered in different color variations, and even animated.Installation instructions are provided with the package’s README file.

This is changelog for Grunticon version 2.2.2 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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