Download Source Code React 0.13.3 / 0.14.0 RC1

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Facebook is announcing that React with version number 0.13.3 / 0.14.0 RC1 is already available to download.

What is React ?

React is A JavaScript library developed by the Facebook and Instagram dev teams for building custom user interfaces using a XML-like syntax .

React uses a declarative, XML-like syntax known as JSX, letting developers build well-organized code structures with ease.JSX mixes HTML with JavaScript, which when passed through React gets converted to normal JS markup.The library uses very little DOM coding, allowing the programmer to build his UI mainly via JavaScript.React’s source is framework agnostic, working with or without complex JS libraries loaded on the page. This frees up resources, and also ensures there aren’t any pesky dependencies getting in your way.

This is changelog for React version 0.13.3 / 0.14.0 RC1 :

  • Support for using ES6 classes to build React components; see the v0.13.0 beta 1 notes for details.
  • Added new top-level API React.findDOMNode(component), which should be used in place of component.getDOMNode(). The base class for ES6-based components will not have getDOMNode. This change will enable some more patterns moving forward.
  • Added a new top-level API React.cloneElement(el, props) for making copies of React elements – see the v0.13 RC2 notes for more details.
  • New ref style, allowing a callback to be used in place of a name: <Photo ref={(c) => this._photo = c} /> allows you to reference the component with this._photo (as opposed to ref=”photo” which gives

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: