Download Source Code tagEditor 1.0.18

Simon Steinberger is announcing that tagEditor with version number 1.0.18 is already available to download.

What is tagEditor ?

tagEditor is A jQuery plugin for adding a tag input section on your site, complete with a fully-working auto-complete and input suggestion system .

The tagEditor widget lets users enter their own tags or keywords, automatically transforming them into a pill button when the SPACE, ENTER or COMMA keys are pressed.The plugin can also work with a local database and show input suggestions whenever the user starts typing his word, helping him fill-in larger words and phrases at a faster pace.All keywrods can easily be removed with the help of a close button added to each tag, and they can also be easily skinned via basic CSS.If you need to change a tag, just click on it and it will automatically enter in “edit mode.”tagEditor also comes with a few basic examples to show developers how it can be implemented.

This is changelog for tagEditor version 1.0.18 :

  • Fixed:
  • “TypeError: owner is null” backspace browser history issue

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

tagEditor - tagEditor provides a simple way of adding tags or keywords to your page
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