Linux News Today: Valve Keeps the Mystery About the November 10 Launch of the Steam Machines

Valve is supposed to launch the new Steam Machines on November 10, and users have started to wonder why there isn’t a lot more excitement coming from the company.

The release of the Steam Machines, the new consoles from Valve, powered by SteamOS, a Linux distribution based on Debian, is supposed to happen in less than 2 months and the company has yet to make any kind of announcement regarding the events from that day. People are now starting to wonder if Valve is really serious about this thing or if it’s just another phase.

A user posted on Reddit this very question and everyone is curious to know what will happen on November 10. There are a few theories, and some of them are pretty grounded and likely to happen, but there are some wild ones as well. The question is legit, and it really deserves an answer, but if Valve taught us anything, it is that they never tell anything in advance, so here are some probable scenarios.

Steam Machines are the third party

People might forget that the Steam Machines are built by third-party companies like Alienware, Asus, or Falcon. This would make the launch of the consoles a multi-party event, and that is not as likely as you might think.

The most obvious and most likely scenario is that Valve will host a huge sale in November, with the games for SteamOS right at the center. It’s quite possible that a lot of new games for Linux will be revealed during that sale. It’s nothing too fancy, but it’s in line with what Valve might do.

A second scenario is that Valve will also release a new game for SteamOS, possibly Left 4 Dead 3, which seems to be long overdue. It’s not a high-profile game, and it has a good chance of happening.

The third and the wildest idea is of course that Valve will choose this event to launch or at least announce Half-Life 3, but a Half-Life 3 event should be bigger than the launch of some consoles / PC hybrids.

So what do you think? What will happen on November 10?

Via Softpedia

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