Linux News Today: Xubuntu 15.10 Beta 2 Screenshot Tour – Change Is Not on the Menu

Xubuntu 15.10 Beta 2 was released by its developers yesterday, but don’t expect to see anything out of the ordinary in this new iteration. The gallery posted below will make this quite clear.

The Xubuntu distribution hasn’t changed all that much in the past couple of years. The OS is based on the Xfce desktop environment, hence the name. If you’ve been following the development of the Xfce desktop, you might have noticed that not a lot has changed, and there are no indications that any kind of major changes are coming. This is contrasting a lot with other projects like MATE, for example, which get substantial changes with each new release.

The big and obvious improvement for this new version of Xubuntu is the switch to Xfce 4.12, which has been in the works for quite some time. This is not new information. The developers also made some improvements to the Xfce Panel Switch, and they’ve corrected some of the issues that have been identified until now.

Xubuntu is linked to Xfce

The main issue is that Xubuntu provided an almost vanilla implementation of Xfce, and the Xfce developers don’t seem to be in a hurry to make any kind of big modifications. It’s quite likely that Xubuntu will continue to look like it does right now for a long time, especially since Xfce also remains the same. The good news is that Xubuntu is also quite configurable so that it can be customized in numerous ways.

As usual, Xubuntu 15.10 Beta 2 (Wily Werewolf) can be downloaded from Softpedia. This is still under development, and it’s not stable, so don’t be quick to install the operating system anytime soon. Developers still need to correct a lot of stuff, and they only have less than one month to do it.

The final version of Xubuntu 15.10 is expected to arrive on October 22.

Via Softpedia

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