Download Source Code Better CMS 1.10.5 / 1.11.0-beta05

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is announcing that Better CMS with version number 1.10.5 / 1.11.0-beta05 is already available to download.

What is Better CMS ?

Better CMS is A content management system (CMS) built with ease of use in mind, but also featuring a solid codebase and lots of developer-friendly tools .

Coded in C#, Better CMS is a modern platform for building websites working on Microsoft’s .NET stack.The CMS supports FTP, Azure Cloud, and Amazon S3 Cloud file storage, and also features a simple REST API which developers can use in programmatically accessing various of the CMS’ features.While all this might sound really complicated, it really isn’t, the CMS also featuring an inline page editing mechanism, coupled with a WYSIWYG editor for managing large text blocks.There’s no admin panel section in the classical way you’d expect it to be, but all management options can be found and accessed via the on-page editing toolbox/panel.So in the end, Better CMS is both end-user and developer friendly, allowing complex modifications and easy edits at the same time, without losing or alienating any user type.The CMS currently can be deployed for anything starting with a basic blog, and up to a complex business portal or Intranet system.

This is changelog for Better CMS version 1.10.5 / 1.11.0-beta05 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Better CMS - Better CMS uses a pop-out toolbox to help users edit their site right on the frontendBetter CMS - Better CMS includes a comprehensive look at all the CMS' pagesBetter CMS - New pages can be added via an intuitive interfaceBetter CMS - A blogging module is also included with the Better CMS coreBetter CMS - New blog posts and articles can be added using a similar page editing interface as wellBetter CMS - Content can be organized in categories and tagsBetter CMS - screenshot #7Better CMS - A file manager app is included as well, helping administrators manage their CMS' filesBetter CMS - An image editing utility is included with Better CMS as wellBetter CMS - Page URL redirects can be added and managed from the Better CMS backend alsoBetter CMS - Better CMS can generate one or more sitemaps for the site's current structureBetter CMS - Each sitemap can be edited and customized at willBetter CMS - screenshot #13Better CMS - For each of the site's pages, an options page can be accessed where various details can be editedBetter CMS - Custom JavaScript and CSS code can be added and executed with each pageBetter CMS - Admins can also control the layout of each Better CMS pageBetter CMS - Translations for each page can be managed from a centralized interfaceBetter CMS - If missing, new languages and translations can be addedBetter CMS - For each section on the page, content versioning is supported with Better CMSBetter CMS - The page editing toolbox can be minimized for better access to the content