Linux News Today: Fotoxx 15.10 Free Image Manipulation Software Adds Support for Batch Scripts

We have been informed by kornelix, the developers of the open-source and free Fotoxx image manipulation software, about the immediate availability for download of Fotoxx 15.10.

According to the attached release notes, Fotoxx 15.10 is both a bugfix and feature release that introduces the ability to perform multiple image editing operations and record them at the same time. The new feature is called Batch Scripts and has been designed to record all the dialog and menu inputs into a single script file that the user can execute whenever he or she wants to edit multiple images from gallery pages with a single click.

Furthermore, Fotoxx 15.10 sees great improvements to the algorithm used to calibrate printer devices, which will offer more accurate colors, as well as the independence of the mouse distance for triggering pop-up location names in the geographic maps feature, which now uses 10 pixels instead of 10 km. A pick-list has been added to the Batch Add/Change Metadata functionality and can be used for commonly utilized keywords.

Several bugs have been fixed

In addition to the multitude of new features listed above, Fotoxx 15.10 now lets users adjust the capture distance for mouse selection of draggable nodes in the Edit Curves functionality by increasing the default value, thus making the use of touchpads a lot easier than before. An issue with the gallery file selection has been fixed as well in this new Fotoxx release, to provide correct selection of files when clicking on a file name from a list of selected files.

Last but not least, users can now revise the initial location when attempting to set a geotag via map location by clicking outside the respective area. Download Fotoxx 15.10 right now from Softpedia, where the software is distributed as binary packages for Ubuntu and Debian GNU/Linux distributions, as well as a source archive, available for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

Via Softpedia